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For those that have been talking with me, you may know I am a huge tea drinker now.  Kinda funny, I wrote a story about Tea, and then find out myself how soothing it can be to make your own blends.  I admit it, I go to Teavana.  I know they use artificial flavoring a lot of the times, but hey.  I like it, will drink it, and that is what counts!

I had gone to them when I could not find my chai tea for the Keurig, and was REALLY missing my morning shot of caffeine.  I got suckered at the one I went to, they sold me the Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea and the Samurai Chai Mate Tea together.  Told me it was a certain price for both teas mixed.  But, I had fallen in love with it, and gotten the Spice Apple Cider Rooibos tea also.  And that started my love of mixing teas.  With these three teas, I played with them until after Christmas.

For Christmas, my in laws, seeing my love of tea, bought me a pot, with tea ball that was bigger than the one I got at Teavana, and some awesome cups.  They also gave me $100 to spend as I wish.  What did I get?  More tea!!!  This time with canisters, since I would be leaving the dry air of Arizona for the humidity of Houston Texas.  I got more of my teas, and was told to not buy blends, since the Samurai Chai Mate Tea is VERY light.  As in weight.  I paid for the other tea, and while at the time, they did have a special price for it, I ended up paying for the Maharaja one.  Its spicey, and made up of heavier materials, therefore, costs more.

So I came home, with a new found joy of teas, and taught my mom all about the difference of Kuerig chai and what Teavana teas taste like.  Our Cousin had introduced it to her, but I had brought home experimenting!

As I experiment and try new blends (since I love blends better than plain old one type) I will talk about it here. I will start tomorrow, and make note of how much I use and what I think of it.  And if my mom tries it, what she thinks of it.  Tomorrow may be a double post, but I really am liking what I did today, so I may repeat, just to start this thing along.

Feel free to comment, to tell me what you like.  I have a new tea coming in, and am quite excited about it.  But, then, that will be a post for when it comes in.

Let me know what you think!  This is to allow myself to remember blends, since I like experimenting so much!  Right now they will be hot teas, except when I make my mom’s iced tea for her dry mouth.  Which actually works…

Wendy aka Kittyinaz