Tea Expirement for today


Sorry about yesterday, this blend was meant to be there yesterday, but instead I was not feeling like getting out of bed.  Period.  So I didn’t.

Last time I went to Teavana, the guy there suggested that I put the tea my mom was buying together with one I absolutely love together.  The Tulsi Dosha Chai Rooibos tea that makes my spicy chais have a hint of vanilla and somehow creamy, and the Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea.  I paired this with my Samurai Chai Mate Tea, since this is my base for most teas, my other base should be in on Monday (Thank GOD!!!).

She had purchased the Honeybush cause she is trying to cut down on sugar, well, this tea fails.  To me, but as noted, I love strong spicy teas.  I do NOT like black tea’s as much, I will drink a Earl Grey if nothing else is available, but that is all.

I added my normal amount of sugar, and winced as I realized what I did, with the fact that this tea should be sweet, cause I added the sweet teas together.  There was no worry about that.  This basically tastes like a lightly flavored warm drink.   I am not happy with this blend.

Ah well there will be fails and successes.  That is why I am playing with these right?  I will say the cooler it gets, it does get nuttier in flavor, which is a relief.  I just have to wait for the tea to be slightly warmer than room temp, not the gross cool, the temp that you can seem to drink it quickly.

Tomorrow I will try, try again.  I can’t wait until Monday with the new tea, and my Mahajra comes in.  We will do the first tea blend I ever did with that one.  Gotta catch up!

Click on the pick above for the blend broken down without my blabbing.  🙂



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