Good Afternoon!


Sorry, had a late start today, then had Grandma and my niece visiting, so I spent some time with them.  I also have been struggling with the printer hook up for the last two days, so, its been fun!

Good news, my tea should be in on Monday, The new blends, as well as refills for some of my favorites.  This time has been messed up since I though it would be faster, but ah well.

Bad news, I used up all my Spice Apple Cider, so this may be the last of the Spice teas until Monday.

But I used the Spiced Apple Cider, the Samurai Chai Mate, and the Tulsi Dosh Chai Rooibos.  It This actually burns my tongue even though it is room temperature.  But has a creamy flow to it, not like cream is being in it, but smooth.  It is the vanilla, but it makes for an interesting combination of flavors.  The Samurai comes through more on this one, you get a hint of the exotic flavors, but still cannot put your finger on the pineapple and the rest that is in it, without being told.

This is a hit!  I will be using this one in the future, quite often.   For now, I am going to drink my tea, and be happy that I have some spice before Monday.   Maybe tomorrow I will toss in a Cinnamon stick into the tea I make.  I will Let you know!

Click on the pic above to go to the page for mix.



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