My Cupa Tea for Today

Tea kettle with boiling water

This is a rare thing, for me to post on Sundays.  Just for those that follow me to know, I normally take Sundays as my lazy day, napping and doing nothing all day except for what the family wishes.

I even cleaned up the kitchen last night, washing out stuff, putting the tea in the container and so on.  The Tea Pot all full of water, so all I had to do this morning was turn it on, empty the dishwasher, and enjoy Sunday.

Today’s blend involved taking some from my mom’s blend of Spiced Apple Cider and Caramel Almond Amaretto,  and since she has been asking me to find uses of her Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea, I tossed some of that in, as well as the Samurai tea you guys should be getting to know so well by now.

The bad news?  I could not find her tea on the Teavana site, so that is not good, not when I am finally drinking this and can tell you, it is perfect for a lazy Sunday tea.   It has that caramel flavor there, but it is a mellow flavor.  Her blend is a non-caffeine mix for when she couldn’t have caffeine after her surgery.

So while this is a new favorite of mine, for those days you need some caffeine and warmth, but not really wanting the spiciness of the chai’s, we will be seeing if we can find something like it soon.  But it is smooth, there is a hint of the almond and apple in it, but mostly a caramel taste with the others being a aftertaste.

So have a great weekend, and yes, the WordPress Whisperer is playing with the Tea Blog, since it was not giving me what I want exactly.  She has made the pages be a drop down menu for those that want to look at those.

I am off to work on some stuff until I become ready for my nap!