A New Favorite Chai!


So I didn’t get back with you guys, and I am sorry.  I was experimenting hugely.

I admit I was a little eager beaver when I filled up my tins and could smell all the wonderful smells, specially that CocoCaramel Sea Salt one!!   I eagerly made me a cup, so I could try the flavor out.

I was disappointed to say the least.  I LOVE caramel Sea Salt anything, and the few times I had it at Starbucks as a Hot Chocolate, I LOVED it.   Now, I know this is a tea, but all I tasted was the chocolate.  No salt.  No sweet buttery flavor.  Nope just a cocoa flavor, that was watered down.  And since I love rich chocolate flavor?  This was a disappointment.   Now if you love chocolate tea, then it is great!   But not what I was looking for.

Now on the site, people complain of the oily residue, but coco beans are oily, and you got them in this.

So last night, I opened up my sample pack of the Samurai and Maharaja blend (That came presweetened) added that and the Tulsi to the CocoCaramel hoping to be able to keep it.

Much better, it was a richer, fuller tea and all around a winner to both me and my mom.  In fact, she only got a cup (large but still).

This morning, since I did not post about it last night, I remade it.  Now her cat knocked over the trial thing, so I just poured what was left, and then added more of the teas, along with Tulsi and CocoCaramel.  (Page for today has the measurements, I added this to help anyone to recreate it.  Just remember I have a tea maker that makes 4 8 OZ glasses of tea, and I use the tea in it x 2 to make a carafe for my day of writing/editing.)

What did I get for this?  I VERY Spicy Chai tea, That I love drinking, and have a very pleasant cinnamon and Chocolate aftertaste.  This tea actually burns my throat from all the cinnamon, so I am thrilled about it.  It helps wake me up in the morning that spice.  But this make the CocoCaramel be a win for buying in the future.

Hope you enjoy my meandering through the experimenting phase!

I have also added a page with the teas I currently have to experiment with.  I don’t include my dad’s tea, because it is all mixed up for him, its for sleeping, and if anyone is interested in it, let me know.  I can grab the names for you.