An Amazing Blend!


So yesterday is my day off, but instead of relaxing like it is supposed to be not only for me, but my hubby too, we worked.  We finished the office.  Well with what we have, we finished the office.

With my grumbling, I made a tea, using the Caramel Almond Amoretti with my favorites, Samurai, Maharaja and the Tulsi I got refilled.  Threw it together, just wanting to have a yummy tea to wake me up.

Imagine not only mine, but everyone’s in the family when they tasted this blend! I cannot place what it is in particular that makes it taste so good.  It’s chai, but not overwhelming with the spiciness, nor does it really have one flavor that overrides the others.  When it cools some, well normally I don’t like it that way, but this is one I drink no matter the temp, and since I ended up working on the rest of the house Tea got placed down and even with tumblers, it cools.

I loved the tea so much, that we used ALL of the reuses of the tea leaves, throwing in some Maharaja to make sure that didn’t lack in the flavor, and drank ALL of that pot too.

When it cools some, the cinnamon helps keep the spicy feeling going on and you can possibly taste the almond flavor, but this also has the Tulsi in it, so the vanilla in it often helps smooth out the spice.

I highly recommend this mixture, and have the recipe (With the measurements) in the February Tea Blends.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day.  I am sitting here sipping my tea, and enjoying the ability to just sit here and maybe getting some work done.