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Today I Mourn…

Tea-tea-13893600-1920-1200For today is the last of the Apple Cider Tea.  Yes, I have nursed it, done all I could to keep it around.  but I made my mom her tea to take to work, I saw there was too little to have really.  Not for the amounts I use to make her teas.

So it is in my tea today, and man… I am going to miss this tea!

This is the tea that introduced me to the tea world.  I made it with Maharaja  and Samurai tea, and it started this crazy trend of mine.  Since then, we found out it is a seasonal tea.  One that was highly popular, and have a lot of people to ask for it.  And when it goes on sale, I will know to buy tons of it.

Goodbye, Apple Cider Tea.  I and my family will miss you.


ps. I know I have failed on keeping up on this blog.  I am trying.  But while we have tons of teas to play with, I haven’t been playing.  It is a lucky day for me to make any.  I have been having sleeping issues, so tea is a no no since it has a lot of caffeine.  But I am getting there.


Posting weekly, Fail. But I am here!

Cup of black tea

I know, I know.  But Real Life has been way too busy and I barely had time to make tea, much less play with it.  And when a story has me like this one, yeah, it is almost painful not to be writing, but I have so much to catch up on!

I also ran out of much of the tea, and the stores along with me.  So a lot of stuff waited for this past Friday, and even then, I had to order a lot online.

One of the things I had shied away from is Black Teas.  They have a two minute seeping, and when they warn you from overseeping, they are NOT kidding.

Like me, most of you have been exposed to black teas.  And found that they are bitter.  This, my friends, is because black teas are not to be seeped more than 2 minutes.  If you follow this, most black teas become actually sweeter, smoother.

Now the ladies (and gents) in my local Teavana in the Baybrook Mall here in Houston, are VERY helpful.  I think they cheer when they see me coming in, since I usually spend a lot of money getting teas.  They listen to me, and when I tell them how I mix, and even that I have this blog, they try to help me find stuff to blend, and we talk about flavorings and so on.  Other customers think I am weird, but when that store has none, all of them get into it with me.

They had been trying to coax me to try the black teas, and I finally gave in when they told my favorite tea could be mixed with the Black teas, and be used more than once.  Am I glad I listened!

This is a three blend tea, and the smells were heavenly. The first taste was a bit too hot, but dang were the smells tempting.  When it cooled to drink (About after I was done updating the teas I had bought and were in, or coming in).  My first drink was heaven.  Sweet, but no bitterness at all, in fact it was smooth.  Yes, I use Sugar in the Raw, but this tea is a lighter sugar content.  (As is the Tulsi I love so much).

So if you are wanting a quick tea with some spice, check out today’s recipe under March’s blend.

Yes, I know summer is coming, and while I probably won’t give up my morning cup of tea, I will be making cool teas.  I don’t like Icing down teas, I rather make them full strength and then cool in the fridge.  You have to double the recipes I give for iced teas.

Until tomorrow (Since I have another recipe to give you then)!


Yeah!!! Tea Arrived!

Yep, my Tea arrived, unfortunately for me, I had been told it would be in Tuesday, so my blend for today was a hail mary sort.

I mixed a lot of the Samurai tea, Coconut and the Honeybush (Trying to find for my mom a blend with that.  I am unsatisfied with the blend, and having the other tea here is making me itch to make it.

So, for now, I will probably be pouring this one out int eh container for my mom, and trying to make some of my tea, since I have a new flavor to try, I will do that first before I make a blend.  I will try to make it back here with the tastings!!!

But up above is the pics from what I received from Teavana.  enjoy!


What is this?? Another Site?

teas 1

For those that have been talking with me, you may know I am a huge tea drinker now.  Kinda funny, I wrote a story about Tea, and then find out myself how soothing it can be to make your own blends.  I admit it, I go to Teavana.  I know they use artificial flavoring a lot of the times, but hey.  I like it, will drink it, and that is what counts!

I had gone to them when I could not find my chai tea for the Keurig, and was REALLY missing my morning shot of caffeine.  I got suckered at the one I went to, they sold me the Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea and the Samurai Chai Mate Tea together.  Told me it was a certain price for both teas mixed.  But, I had fallen in love with it, and gotten the Spice Apple Cider Rooibos tea also.  And that started my love of mixing teas.  With these three teas, I played with them until after Christmas.

For Christmas, my in laws, seeing my love of tea, bought me a pot, with tea ball that was bigger than the one I got at Teavana, and some awesome cups.  They also gave me $100 to spend as I wish.  What did I get?  More tea!!!  This time with canisters, since I would be leaving the dry air of Arizona for the humidity of Houston Texas.  I got more of my teas, and was told to not buy blends, since the Samurai Chai Mate Tea is VERY light.  As in weight.  I paid for the other tea, and while at the time, they did have a special price for it, I ended up paying for the Maharaja one.  Its spicey, and made up of heavier materials, therefore, costs more.

So I came home, with a new found joy of teas, and taught my mom all about the difference of Kuerig chai and what Teavana teas taste like.  Our Cousin had introduced it to her, but I had brought home experimenting!

As I experiment and try new blends (since I love blends better than plain old one type) I will talk about it here. I will start tomorrow, and make note of how much I use and what I think of it.  And if my mom tries it, what she thinks of it.  Tomorrow may be a double post, but I really am liking what I did today, so I may repeat, just to start this thing along.

Feel free to comment, to tell me what you like.  I have a new tea coming in, and am quite excited about it.  But, then, that will be a post for when it comes in.

Let me know what you think!  This is to allow myself to remember blends, since I like experimenting so much!  Right now they will be hot teas, except when I make my mom’s iced tea for her dry mouth.  Which actually works…

Wendy aka Kittyinaz