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Yep, Still Alive!


So last night we ran out of the Tulsi Dosha!!!  OMG What are we to do?!?!?!!

Well, if you are me, and by yourself to experiment for the first time since Thursday, you play!

I took away the Tulsi Dosha (Not hard when you have none) and added My Morning Mate.  This is the tea that smells and tastes like Chocolate coffee.  Instead of getting that strong coffee flavor (which they used some black tea to give it that coffee bitterness by cooking it too long, brilliant!) I got a nice smooth tea, with a little kick at the end.  And tasting more of caramel than coffee, but you get after hints of the other flavors.

All in all, a pot I will finish and be happy to make some more for this really cold day.

Hope you have a brilliant day and I will see you next time I play!



Good Evening!


I know this is late, but I spent the day with my grandma at first, went to breakfast with her, then walked every where with my mom and dad as we looked for ideas for mom’s side of the office.

While we were out, we got a refill of Dad’s tea (The one I tried yesterday).  I also found I did NOT like his tea unless it was piping how.   Blech.

I got myself some new teas, My Morning Mate and Spiced Mandarin Oolong.  I also got a refill of my Tulsi  and the Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea.  (updated on the Tea’s I have Page and the Links are there.)

Thirsty and wanting to unwind, I mixed, CocoCaramel, My Morning Mate, Samurai, and Tulsi to make tea for tonight.  I did not think of caffeine content, so oops.  But I got a very chocolatey drink that doesn’t taste like tea, it taste more like coffee.  But no bitterness with it, which I kinda thought they would have.  They purposely have Black tea in the My Morning Mate to give that hint of bitterness.

But all in all, I’m happy to have a Coffee like tea that has nothing that will tear up my stomach, and that all I had to add was sweetener.  All goodly in my book.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be off, just to let you know.  Hopefully.