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Wow!!! I am back!

a4760It is tea season finally.  the weather is cooling, and to be blunt, I drink normal sweet tea during the summer months with Essential oil’s spearmint added to it.

So.. I was bad.  Now I can tell you the fall season has arrived and so has the teas!

I did a new post on the teas, and tried a new tea and new tea blend.  Pumpkin Spice Oolong tea.  I didn’t like it so much in the store, but could see possibilities.  Glad I did, cause it is a favorite right now!!!

It needs to be sweetened, so I will warn those that don’t like sweetners.

If you are interested, look for the 10/11/14 post under the October 2014 tea blends.  It has the recipe I used today!

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