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Today I Mourn…

Tea-tea-13893600-1920-1200For today is the last of the Apple Cider Tea.  Yes, I have nursed it, done all I could to keep it around.  but I made my mom her tea to take to work, I saw there was too little to have really.  Not for the amounts I use to make her teas.

So it is in my tea today, and man… I am going to miss this tea!

This is the tea that introduced me to the tea world.  I made it with Maharaja  and Samurai tea, and it started this crazy trend of mine.  Since then, we found out it is a seasonal tea.  One that was highly popular, and have a lot of people to ask for it.  And when it goes on sale, I will know to buy tons of it.

Goodbye, Apple Cider Tea.  I and my family will miss you.


ps. I know I have failed on keeping up on this blog.  I am trying.  But while we have tons of teas to play with, I haven’t been playing.  It is a lucky day for me to make any.  I have been having sleeping issues, so tea is a no no since it has a lot of caffeine.  But I am getting there.


My Cupa Tea for Today

Tea kettle with boiling water

This is a rare thing, for me to post on Sundays.  Just for those that follow me to know, I normally take Sundays as my lazy day, napping and doing nothing all day except for what the family wishes.

I even cleaned up the kitchen last night, washing out stuff, putting the tea in the container and so on.  The Tea Pot all full of water, so all I had to do this morning was turn it on, empty the dishwasher, and enjoy Sunday.

Today’s blend involved taking some from my mom’s blend of Spiced Apple Cider and Caramel Almond Amaretto,  and since she has been asking me to find uses of her Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea, I tossed some of that in, as well as the Samurai tea you guys should be getting to know so well by now.

The bad news?  I could not find her tea on the Teavana site, so that is not good, not when I am finally drinking this and can tell you, it is perfect for a lazy Sunday tea.   It has that caramel flavor there, but it is a mellow flavor.  Her blend is a non-caffeine mix for when she couldn’t have caffeine after her surgery.

So while this is a new favorite of mine, for those days you need some caffeine and warmth, but not really wanting the spiciness of the chai’s, we will be seeing if we can find something like it soon.  But it is smooth, there is a hint of the almond and apple in it, but mostly a caramel taste with the others being a aftertaste.

So have a great weekend, and yes, the WordPress Whisperer is playing with the Tea Blog, since it was not giving me what I want exactly.  She has made the pages be a drop down menu for those that want to look at those.

I am off to work on some stuff until I become ready for my nap!


Good Morning!!!


I am quite excited to get this started!!!  When I have a chance, I will be making a page of all the teas that I have to mix from, and provide links to the Teavana site where you can buy them.   Or you can buy them through amazon.com which if you go to my main site, there will be a link for you to help support your local blabbering experimenter.  Just saying.

So it is cool here, and since I am out of my favorite tea, therefore one of my preferred favorites blends on a cold day, I made up the following tea yesterday.  Liked it so much, I figured I would tell you all about it. Right now the tea is hot enough to scald my tongue, so ouch!

I have a large tea steeper I bought through Teavana.  It is actually perfect for me.  You put the loose leaf tea in the container (It says you can sweeten at the same time, but I was told sugar could hamper the tea process).  This steeper, once you are done, can be used to fill individual cups without any leaves getting through it, one at a time.  Awesome!!! Even better, it fits on the top of my carafe, and I just put it on top, it drains, and then I make the second pot, and mix the two steeping’s together.

Why am I mentioning to you this?  I use a lot of tea when I do these blends, and a lot of them have dried fruit in them, that when expanded, did not let the tea leaves to expand to their full potential.  Buying this has changed the flavors drastically, there are now connotations to what I am tasting that were not there before.  Be patient, I am learning as I go!

I blended the Samurai Chai Mate tea as my base, since it is light, but where I get my caffeine for the day.  Then I added Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos Tea,  for the Toasted Coconut giving this tea one of the unusual surprises I got with this blend!  To make sure I had the spices I enjoy, with the hint of apple also (It often seems to add that last part I am missing to my teas so often I put it in a lot.) I added the Spice Apple Cider Rooibos Tea, and lastly, my mom had decided to try the Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea.  I had wondered about this one since my favorite blend has it’s counterpart in it.

I poured my water before the tea whistled, just when the steam appeared.   I do this because it seems fully boiling the water ‘burns’ the tea.  This way, it is not boiling yet, and I never get the bitter flavor, and I have tasted that bitter flavor.  Not one of my favorites.   I turned on the trusty Teavana timers, (each base tea has it’s own music, and I like playing with the sounds.)  I often do my clean up of the kitchen, unloading the dishwasher, eat breakfast, feed animals if needed.   You know the normal.  I also fill my trusty carafe with 6 spoonful’s of that Raw sugar.   Its better for you than the regular stuff, and I will admit it has a different flavor to the teas.   I used to do 2 teaspoons per cup of tea (And since this make 4 8oz cups at one time… year you get the math) AS the teas finish, I put the steeper on the carafe, and watch the tea disappear, then add water, and repeat.

For those that love Chai teas, well the second steeping are never as strong as the first ones.  But I find that mixing the first and second, now that I get a richer flavor with the steeper, makes it just right.  I use a long wooden spoon, stir until I can no longer feel the sugar on the bottom.  Then I seal it up, grab the tumbler for today, and head into my office.  Connor, my dog, knows when I have that tea, where we are going.

Sipping this tea, I was surprised to get what tasted like a light toasted marshmallow.  Not the sickening sweet flavor. But you know when you toast the marshmallow in a fire and pull off the nicely brown part, eat and repeat?   That is what it reminds me of it.  My mom, who hates marshmallows, when she tried it, was surprised by the flavor, but she drank two large cups of it.  Agreeing that the flavor reminded her of it, but that was not sickening to her.  We think it is the vanilla and the toasted coconut coming through to give us this taste.  She is still musing what it tastes like to her since she hates to use the word marshmallow, it gives the wrong impression of the tea.

For a cold morning, without my beloved tea that I ordered, it is good.  I look forward to seeing what I can mix tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed this delving into the my trials and tribulations! Feel free to leave me your comments!

For an easy breakdown of the teas used for this, please visit the Page for this post: http://wp.me/P4jPFC-f