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Tea for a Calming day


So yesterday I was out with a stomach flu.  Not fun, and I am taking it…somewhat…easy.   I am for food wise that is for sure, but since I have a lot to do today, I couldn’t just be in bed all day again.

So in the spirit of being able to drink something other than Ginger Ale, I tried the blend the girls at Teavana BayBrook Mall had put together for my dad for a replacement for Sleepytime Tea.  He drink three or four glasses of tea a night, so this was a solution that also saved money.  See the Tea if all of tea leaves that allow multiple uses.  So his night would be one serving of tea used many times.  This is a tea that breaks my general rule of making my own blends, but I needed something gentle for my stomach.

I expected to have some of the smell, but hey, the blends to make this?  I expected to taste them a lot more.  But instead, I have a nice tea for night time use, with soothing peppermint in there somewhere.   This would be an excellent ice tea too, in fact if I don’t drink all of it, I am going to refrigerate it and see how it tastes.

Now off to Paint a mirror, clean up the house, do the bed linens, the rest of laundry and make dinner.  Such a calming day huh?

Wendy Aka Kittyinaz