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Wow!!! I am back!

a4760It is tea season finally.  the weather is cooling, and to be blunt, I drink normal sweet tea during the summer months with Essential oil’s spearmint added to it.

So.. I was bad.  Now I can tell you the fall season has arrived and so has the teas!

I did a new post on the teas, and tried a new tea and new tea blend.  Pumpkin Spice Oolong tea.  I didn’t like it so much in the store, but could see possibilities.  Glad I did, cause it is a favorite right now!!!

It needs to be sweetened, so I will warn those that don’t like sweetners.

If you are interested, look for the 10/11/14 post under the October 2014 tea blends.  It has the recipe I used today!

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Today I Mourn…

Tea-tea-13893600-1920-1200For today is the last of the Apple Cider Tea.  Yes, I have nursed it, done all I could to keep it around.  but I made my mom her tea to take to work, I saw there was too little to have really.  Not for the amounts I use to make her teas.

So it is in my tea today, and man… I am going to miss this tea!

This is the tea that introduced me to the tea world.  I made it with Maharaja  and Samurai tea, and it started this crazy trend of mine.  Since then, we found out it is a seasonal tea.  One that was highly popular, and have a lot of people to ask for it.  And when it goes on sale, I will know to buy tons of it.

Goodbye, Apple Cider Tea.  I and my family will miss you.


ps. I know I have failed on keeping up on this blog.  I am trying.  But while we have tons of teas to play with, I haven’t been playing.  It is a lucky day for me to make any.  I have been having sleeping issues, so tea is a no no since it has a lot of caffeine.  But I am getting there.

Another Monday


Nothing new that I am trying, my mom is home because of her surgery and we have been drinking the new favorites.  Right now it is the blend of Tulsi, Maharaja, Caramel Almond Amoretti and Sumarai.  WE both needed the tea to be good, cause this morning has been stressful.  Shoot this afternoon has been stressful.

So I wanted to let you guys know that I am not forgetting you, Just a series of issue that have popped up since Friday has made this not a fun time.

Amazingly enough, it is the tea that keeps up calmer.  Who would have figured.


An Amazing Blend!


So yesterday is my day off, but instead of relaxing like it is supposed to be not only for me, but my hubby too, we worked.  We finished the office.  Well with what we have, we finished the office.

With my grumbling, I made a tea, using the Caramel Almond Amoretti with my favorites, Samurai, Maharaja and the Tulsi I got refilled.  Threw it together, just wanting to have a yummy tea to wake me up.

Imagine not only mine, but everyone’s in the family when they tasted this blend! I cannot place what it is in particular that makes it taste so good.  It’s chai, but not overwhelming with the spiciness, nor does it really have one flavor that overrides the others.  When it cools some, well normally I don’t like it that way, but this is one I drink no matter the temp, and since I ended up working on the rest of the house Tea got placed down and even with tumblers, it cools.

I loved the tea so much, that we used ALL of the reuses of the tea leaves, throwing in some Maharaja to make sure that didn’t lack in the flavor, and drank ALL of that pot too.

When it cools some, the cinnamon helps keep the spicy feeling going on and you can possibly taste the almond flavor, but this also has the Tulsi in it, so the vanilla in it often helps smooth out the spice.

I highly recommend this mixture, and have the recipe (With the measurements) in the February Tea Blends.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day.  I am sitting here sipping my tea, and enjoying the ability to just sit here and maybe getting some work done.

Good Evening!


I know this is late, but I spent the day with my grandma at first, went to breakfast with her, then walked every where with my mom and dad as we looked for ideas for mom’s side of the office.

While we were out, we got a refill of Dad’s tea (The one I tried yesterday).  I also found I did NOT like his tea unless it was piping how.   Blech.

I got myself some new teas, My Morning Mate and Spiced Mandarin Oolong.  I also got a refill of my Tulsi  and the Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea.  (updated on the Tea’s I have Page and the Links are there.)

Thirsty and wanting to unwind, I mixed, CocoCaramel, My Morning Mate, Samurai, and Tulsi to make tea for tonight.  I did not think of caffeine content, so oops.  But I got a very chocolatey drink that doesn’t taste like tea, it taste more like coffee.  But no bitterness with it, which I kinda thought they would have.  They purposely have Black tea in the My Morning Mate to give that hint of bitterness.

But all in all, I’m happy to have a Coffee like tea that has nothing that will tear up my stomach, and that all I had to add was sweetener.  All goodly in my book.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be off, just to let you know.  Hopefully.

A New Favorite Chai!


So I didn’t get back with you guys, and I am sorry.  I was experimenting hugely.

I admit I was a little eager beaver when I filled up my tins and could smell all the wonderful smells, specially that CocoCaramel Sea Salt one!!   I eagerly made me a cup, so I could try the flavor out.

I was disappointed to say the least.  I LOVE caramel Sea Salt anything, and the few times I had it at Starbucks as a Hot Chocolate, I LOVED it.   Now, I know this is a tea, but all I tasted was the chocolate.  No salt.  No sweet buttery flavor.  Nope just a cocoa flavor, that was watered down.  And since I love rich chocolate flavor?  This was a disappointment.   Now if you love chocolate tea, then it is great!   But not what I was looking for.

Now on the site, people complain of the oily residue, but coco beans are oily, and you got them in this.

So last night, I opened up my sample pack of the Samurai and Maharaja blend (That came presweetened) added that and the Tulsi to the CocoCaramel hoping to be able to keep it.

Much better, it was a richer, fuller tea and all around a winner to both me and my mom.  In fact, she only got a cup (large but still).

This morning, since I did not post about it last night, I remade it.  Now her cat knocked over the trial thing, so I just poured what was left, and then added more of the teas, along with Tulsi and CocoCaramel.  (Page for today has the measurements, I added this to help anyone to recreate it.  Just remember I have a tea maker that makes 4 8 OZ glasses of tea, and I use the tea in it x 2 to make a carafe for my day of writing/editing.)

What did I get for this?  I VERY Spicy Chai tea, That I love drinking, and have a very pleasant cinnamon and Chocolate aftertaste.  This tea actually burns my throat from all the cinnamon, so I am thrilled about it.  It helps wake me up in the morning that spice.  But this make the CocoCaramel be a win for buying in the future.

Hope you enjoy my meandering through the experimenting phase!

I have also added a page with the teas I currently have to experiment with.  I don’t include my dad’s tea, because it is all mixed up for him, its for sleeping, and if anyone is interested in it, let me know.  I can grab the names for you.


Tea Expirement for today


Sorry about yesterday, this blend was meant to be there yesterday, but instead I was not feeling like getting out of bed.  Period.  So I didn’t.

Last time I went to Teavana, the guy there suggested that I put the tea my mom was buying together with one I absolutely love together.  The Tulsi Dosha Chai Rooibos tea that makes my spicy chais have a hint of vanilla and somehow creamy, and the Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea.  I paired this with my Samurai Chai Mate Tea, since this is my base for most teas, my other base should be in on Monday (Thank GOD!!!).

She had purchased the Honeybush cause she is trying to cut down on sugar, well, this tea fails.  To me, but as noted, I love strong spicy teas.  I do NOT like black tea’s as much, I will drink a Earl Grey if nothing else is available, but that is all.

I added my normal amount of sugar, and winced as I realized what I did, with the fact that this tea should be sweet, cause I added the sweet teas together.  There was no worry about that.  This basically tastes like a lightly flavored warm drink.   I am not happy with this blend.

Ah well there will be fails and successes.  That is why I am playing with these right?  I will say the cooler it gets, it does get nuttier in flavor, which is a relief.  I just have to wait for the tea to be slightly warmer than room temp, not the gross cool, the temp that you can seem to drink it quickly.

Tomorrow I will try, try again.  I can’t wait until Monday with the new tea, and my Mahajra comes in.  We will do the first tea blend I ever did with that one.  Gotta catch up!

Click on the pick above for the blend broken down without my blabbing.  🙂