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Good Afternoon!

X01%2003%2002%2004_dSorry, I spent the days since the last post redoing my Office.  If you want to see how it turned out, look at my Kittyinaz Blog for the pics and a description of the process.  It was fun………..

Today I am doing an old favorite of mine, The Maharaja Chai, with Spice Apple Cider and Samurai.  Since this is the first time I have got to have tea since I started this project on Wednesday, it was nice to make the tea again.

Since I have done that one for you guys, I am highlighting a tea I make to be cold.  For recipe, click the picture on the top.

Last night, my mom asked for her cold tea to be made.  I have a White Tea I had gotten when I started exercising.  I had asked for a Tea that may help with being sore afterwards.  They rec’d this White Tea because the White Tea itself helps cleanse the body of the poisons in it that make your muscles sore.  In particular, this tea also had a side effect of rehydrating you.  And since I was in AZ, and anytime you exercise, rehydration is key.  The tea itself has a very light flavor, but a very strong Jasmine after flavor.    It is not one I thought I would enjoy, but coming in after 30 minutes of exercising and even though I had water, I was thirsty!!! This helped.

When I came home, MamaKitty, as she has been named by my readers, was complaining of dry mouth from her medications for her cancer.  So I made this tea up in a picture, chilled it and told her to take it and try it.  It worked like a charm.  She also found that her pain was less also (Which she didn’t tell me until last night!)  Her only complaint?  The sugar needed to sweeten it.  So she got the Honeybush Vanilla and I tried it with the tea.  It is a hit!!!

Now what I do when I need it (Since I did drink it during the painting process, I was sweating so much and the tea felt so good to drink!) is add local honey to it instead of sugar.  Normally I leave it unsweetened since only my mom and I drink sweetened tea, and honey dissolves either way, but we had a heck of a time to find honey yesterday.   Well Local honey, which helps with everyone’s allergies.

This is a tea I need to go out and buy more of.  Now if you go online it is EXPENSIVE!! But don’t let this deter you.  Cause this is a feather light tea.  I think I paid $4 to fill up a tin.  And since it helps with her dry mouth so much, I will be buying more of it.  But I need to do it in the store, since you can get less than 2 ounces which is the lowest you can get online.

Have a wonderful day, and now that I finished the cold tea (Not iced tea, since there is no ice at ALL in the brewing process, this is just chilled.) I can go drink my real tea for the day.


P.S. the tea is a white tea, but because I add the Honeybush Vanilla it turns out like the one in the picture.